Li Ion Battery & Supercapacitor
(GELON LIB Co. Ltd., China)
DSSC, Perovskite & Photovoltaic Cell
(Dyesol Australia + Peccell Technologies, Japan)
Other Materials
Materials: Materials: Optical Sensors: Wafers
Cathode Materials Titania Paste Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT) (Siegert Wafers, Germany)
LiFePO4 Powder Platinum Paste Microchannel Plates (MCP) Si Wafer
LiCoO2 Powder Dye for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Image Intensifier Unit Sapphire Wafer
LiMn2O4 Powder Electrolytes for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Si Photodiode Quartz Wafer
LiNiMnCoO2 Powder FTO, ITO and PET Glass Plates Avalanche Photodiodes SOI Wafer
Anode Materials Perovskite Precursors MPPC (multi-pixel photon counters) Germanium Wafer
LTO Powder Photo IC GaAs Wafer
Natural Graphite Powder Equipments for Fabrication: GaSb Wafer
Artificial Graphite Powder Laser Scribing Machine Light Source: InAs Wafer
MCMB Screen printing Machine Xenon Lamp Source InSb Wafer, etc.
Accessories Covered Programmable Hotplate UV-LED Light Source
Copper Foil/Aluminum Foil Primary Seal & Interconnect Dispenser Compact D2 Lamp Module Sputter Targets
Ni Tab/Al Tab Ultrasonic Soldering Station H2D2 Light Source (Equipment Support Company, USA)
Nickel Strips Light Soaker Chamber Deuterium Lamps All Metals Sputter Targets, their oxides, bromides, carbides, and many other.
Electrolyte CW Laser Diode
Separator Characterization Equipments: Quantum cascade laser (QCL) High Purity Materials:
Coin Cell Cases Portable Solar Simulator Pulsed Laser diode (PLD) All High Purity Materials for sputtering and Evaporation.
Graphene I-V Measurement System
Equipments for Fabrication: IPCE Measurement System Cameras:
Vacuum Mixer Hyperion Solar Simulators CCD Camera
Planetary Ball Mill Photovoltaic Testing System EM-CCD Camera
Coating Machine Electrochemical Impedance Instrument CMOS Camera
Calendaring Machine Electrochemical Impedance Instrument Cyclic Voltammetry X-ray TDI Camera
Cutting Machine InGaAs Camera
Crimping/Disassembling Machine sCMOS Camera
Slitting Machine
Welding Machine
Winding Machine
Sealing Machine
Glove Box
Vacuum Oven
8 Channel Battery Tester